Bonnie Tripp-Simmons

Years of experience: 27

Expertise: Compliance, Assessments, Contract  Audits and Reports

Research & Investigations 


Our Mission

TRS&I's mission is to guide the formation,

commencement and application of systems to advocate diversity and financially viability through the establishment, exertion and advancement of disadvantage businesses in the global marketplace.

Diversity Best Practices

TRS&I will provide advanced training designed to assist Civil Rights Practitioners' further develop internal and external diversity and inclusion programs within their respective organizations.  Our Team has provided Affirmative Action, EEO, DBE supportive services, supplier and employee diversity, compliance management and economic development for many years.  You will receive tailored, industry specific, best practices and proven strategies in workplace diversity from some of the nations leading diversity professionals.     

Business Solutions

TRS&I specializes in programs that comply with provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other regulations including Federal, State and local statutes.  Our work encompasses a broad range of tasks focused on meeting nondiscrimination policies and practices. These include program development and implementation; guideline development and goal setting; reporting and compliance; grant monitoring and financial management; remedial recommendations and administrative law and regulatory practices interpretation

Our Executive Team

Our Vision

We strive to strategically provide targeted solutions that will address the demands and objectives of public and private sector clients, universities and nonprofit organizations to improve productivity, corporate culture and business relations.


Michael Mckoy

Years of experience: 31

Expertise: M/W/DBE Certification, Compliance, Goal Setting, Inclusion Program Development/Management

Workforce Development 

Rachelle Latimer

Years of experience: 21

Expertise: M/W/DBE Supportive Services, Program Implementation

Human Resource Development

Project Management - Compliance

Team Approach

Our team of professionals pledge to yield quality service, reverence, veracity and distinction required to exceed in the marketplace.  We have established strategic alliances and partnerships with local and national firms in various markets.                

Donyale Showers

Years of experience: 22

Expertise: Program Development, Project Management, Research

Change Management – Expansion, Diversification - Integration