Rachelle Latimer,  has over 20 years experience providing diversity business development, outreach, and capacity assessments for minority, women, and disadvantaged business enterprises(MWBE/EBE), certification services, Equal Employment Opportunity(EEO) Compliance Reviews/Training, Workforce Development and On the Job Training(OJT) Programs.  Her experience includes organizing, developing course curriculum, and managing Minority Business Contractor Academies and Supportive Services Programs around the state.  She has also facilitated strong and relevant partnerships between industry partners, prime contractors and MWBE/DBE firms.

Vernetta Mitchell, has nearly 20 years of experience in public policy research, business inclusion program development, process management, and personnel assessments.  Ms. Dunbar has research, developed, and implemented government inclusion and nondiscrimination policies for local government and private sector clients.  Her experience includes revamping and administrating  M/WBE certification programs for public agencies.  She also has national experience in creating program compliance guidelines and monitoring, procurement, construction, and program administration.

Bonnie Tripp-Simmons, has over 27 years of experience in maintaining and building core business through Organizational Governance, quality control, auditing billable financial records, construction contracts and compliance requirements to authenticate agreements.  Mrs. Tripp-Simmons’s expertise consists of developing more business opportunities with our diverse population and assisting construction and government entities charged with regulatory monitoring / oversight of its business processes within the guidelines of government funding.  She has extensive experience with developing and delivering specific training and staff development programs. She possess a wealth of knowledge and in depth of awareness of what is required to establish and conduct assessments, provide training and evaluative processes in the development of individuals, organizations and business concerns. Her expertise expands to Title VI, enviromental justice, staff development and training, property management, and SAP. 

Michael McKoy, has over 30 years' experience in administering DBE/MBE/WBE certificatin process and procedures.  He has been pivotal in certifying over 4000 firms for the Disadvantaged business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise(MBE), Woman Business Enterprise(WBE), Small Business Enterprises(SBE) and Small Professional Service Firms(SPSF) programs within the state.  Mr. Mckoy has detailed knowledge and experience with legal standards, DBE program requirements as it relates to 49 CFR Part 2, and all rule changes that affect the DBE program administratively and operationally.  He has extensive knowledge in the project specific goal setting outreaches to DBE/MBE/WBE subcontractors, pre-bid setup and logistics, solicitation methods that are proven, good faith effort documentation, Commercially Useful function(CUF) requirements, DBE replacement procedures, and many other areas that relate to 49 CFR Part 26.  He as worked in many different modes of transportation to include, highway, airports, ferry, public transportation and vertical construction.